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This hook returns true when all nodes are initialized (measured by react flow and given a width and height). When you add a new node, it will return false and then true when the new node is initialized. It will always return false when the nodes array is empty.


This hook can only be used if the component that uses it is wrapped with a ReactFlowProvider or if it's a child of the <ReactFlow /> component.


import { useEffect } from 'react';
import ReactFlow, { useNodesInitialized } from 'reactflow';

const options = {
includeHiddenNodes: false, // this is the default

function KeyLogger() {
const nodesInitialized = useNodesInitialized(options);

useEffect(() => {
if (nodesInitialized) {
// do some layouting
}, [nodesInitialized]);

return null;


useNodesInitialized({ includeHiddenNodes }: UseNodesInitializedOptions): boolean