Remove Attribution

Remove Attribution

This example demonstrates how you can remove the React Flow attribution from the renderer.

If you’re considering removing the attribution, we’d first like to mention:

If you’re using React Flow at your organization and making money from it, we rely on your support to keep React Flow developed and maintained under an MIT License. Before you remove the attribution, see the ways you can support React Flow to keep it running (opens in a new tab).

Are you using React Flow for a personal project? Great! Go ahead and remove the attribution. You can support us by reporting any bugs you find, sending us screenshots of your projects, and starring us on Github (opens in a new tab). If you start making money using React Flow or use it in an organization in the future, we would ask that you re-add the attribution or sign up for one of our subscriptions.

Thank you for supporting the React Flow team ✌🏻

-Hayleigh, Peter, Moritz, Christopher, and John