Advanced Use


There are plenty of options to test a React application. If you want to test a React Flow application, we recommend to use Cypress (opens in a new tab) or Playwright (opens in a new tab). React Flow needs to measure nodes in order to render edges and for that relies on rendering DOM elements.

Using Cypress or Playwright

If you are using Cypress or Playwright no additional setup is needed. You can refer to the getting started guide for Cypress here (opens in a new tab) and for Playwright here (opens in a new tab).

Using Jest

If you are using Jest (opens in a new tab), you need to mock some features in order to be able to run your tests. You can do that by adding this file to your project. Calling mockReactFlow() in a setupTests file (or inside a beforeEach) will trigger the necessary overrides.

// To make sure that the tests are working, it's important that you are using
// this implementation of ResizeObserver and DOMMatrixReadOnly
class ResizeObserver {
  callback: globalThis.ResizeObserverCallback;
  constructor(callback: globalThis.ResizeObserverCallback) {
    this.callback = callback;
  observe(target: Element) {
    this.callback([{ target } as globalThis.ResizeObserverEntry], this);
  unobserve() {}
  disconnect() {}
class DOMMatrixReadOnly {
  m22: number;
  constructor(transform: string) {
    const scale = transform?.match(/scale\(([1-9.])\)/)?.[1];
    this.m22 = scale !== undefined ? +scale : 1;
// Only run the shim once when requested
let init = false;
export const mockReactFlow = () => {
  if (init) return;
  init = true;
  global.ResizeObserver = ResizeObserver;
  // @ts-ignore
  global.DOMMatrixReadOnly = DOMMatrixReadOnly;
  Object.defineProperties(global.HTMLElement.prototype, {
    offsetHeight: {
      get() {
        return parseFloat(this.style.height) || 1;
    offsetWidth: {
      get() {
        return parseFloat(this.style.width) || 1;
  (global.SVGElement as any).prototype.getBBox = () => ({
    x: 0,
    y: 0,
    width: 0,
    height: 0,

If you want to test mouse events with jest (for example inside your custom nodes), you need to disable d3-drag as it does not work outside of the browser:

<ReactFlow nodesDraggable={false} {...rest} />