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Panning and Zooming

The default pan and zoom behaviour of React Flow feels like a web map. You pan by dragging and zoom by scrolling. You can customize this behaviour easily with the provided props:

  • panOnDrag: default: true
  • panOnScroll: default: false (Overwrites zoomOnScroll)
  • panOnScrollSpeed: default: 0.5
  • panOnScrollMode: default: 'free'. 'free' (all directions), 'vertical' (only vertical) or 'horizontal' (only horizontal)
  • zoomOnScroll: default: true
  • zoomOnPinch: default: true
  • zoomOnDoubleClick: default: true

If you prefer figma/sketch/design tool controls (panning = press space + drag or trackpad, zooming = cmd + scrolling) you can set panOnScroll={true} and panOnDrag={keyCondition}. In this example we are using the useKeyPress hook from React Flow in order to be able to drag the pane when the space key is pressed:

import ReactFlow, { useKeyPress } from 'react-flow-renderer';

function Flow() {
const spacePressed = useKeyPress('Space');

return <ReactFlow panOnScroll={true} panOnDrag={spacePressed} nodes={[]} edges={[]} />;