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When you are programatically changing the number or the position of handles inside a custom node you need to notify React Flow about it with the useUpdateNodeInternals hook. It also updates the internal dimensions of a node. The hook returns a function that expects a string (node id) as a parameter.


This hook can only be used if the component that uses it, is wrapped with a ReactFlowProvider or if it's a children of the <ReactFlow /> component.


import { useUpdateNodeInternals } from 'reactflow';

function UpdateNodeButton() {
const updateNodeInternals = useUpdateNodeInternals();

// you can pass a string or an array of strings to update multiple node internals
return <button onClick={() => updateNodeInternals('node-id')}></button>;


The returned function has the type UpdateNodeInternal = (nodeId: string | string[]) => void;:

useUpdateNodeInternals(): UpdateNodeInternals