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This hook returns if the passed key is pressed. The component that uses this hook re-renders whenever a the returned boolean changes. The hook expects one paramter "keyCode" which can be:

  • a string like "Space" (event.code or event.key) for a single key
  • a string like "Meta+s" (event.code or event.key combined with a + sign) for a key combination
  • an array with a single or key combination for multiple possibilities like: ['Backspace', 'Meta+d']

This hook doesn't use the internal React Flow state. You can use it everywhere in your app.


import ReactFlow, { useKeyPress } from 'reactflow';

function KeyLogger() {
const spacePressed = useKeyPress('Space');
const cmdAndSPressed = useKeyPress(['Meta+s', 'Strg+s']);

useEffect(() => {
console.log('space pressed', spacePressed);
}, [spacePressed]);

useEffect(() => {
console.log('cmd and s pressed', cmdAndSPressed);
}, [cmdAndSPressed]);

return null;


useKeyPress(keyCode: string | string[]): boolean