The following hooks are available from version 8.0.0 upwards. You have to use the ReactFlowProvider if you want to use these hooks.
For modifying or reading the state of the graph, you can use the following hooks:


This hook can only be used when your application is wrapped with a ReactFlowProvider. It can be used to modify the viewport of the react flow graph. Example:
import { useZoomPanHelper } from 'react-flow';
export default () => {
const { fitView } = useZoomPanHelper();
return (
onClick={() => fitView({ padding: 0.2, includeHiddenNodes: true })}
The useZoomPanHelper hook returns an object containing the following functions:
  • fitView = ({ padding: number, includeHiddenNodes: boolean }): void - fits the view to the nodes on the pane. padding is 0.1 and includeHiddenNodes is false by default
  • zoomIn = (): void - zooms in
  • zoomOut = (): void - zooms out
  • zoomTo = (zoomLevel: number): void - zooms to passed zoom level
  • transform: (transform: FlowTransform): void - sets the transform of the pane
  • setCenter: (x: number, y: number, zoom?: number): void - sets the center to the passed params. If no zoom is passed the maxZoom is used
  • fitBounds: (bounds: Rect, padding?: number): void - fits the pane to the passed bounds (object with width x, y, width and height: { x: 0, y: 0, width: 100, height: 100 })
  • initialized: boolean - true when hook is initialized
You can find an example of how to use it here: useZoomPanHelper example
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current version: 8.8.0